Gainful Employment

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Emergency Medical Technician – Basic

Application Fee: $45.00

Administrative Fees: $584.00

Tuition: $2,416.00

Total Program Cost: $3,045.00

On-Time Graduation Rate: 100%

ACICS Placement Rate: 0

Median Title IV Loan Debt: $6,126.00

Median Institutional Loan Debt: $1,677.00

Median Private Loan Debt: 0

Jobs Prepared for: Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (SOC 29.2040)

• Assess injuries, administer emergency medical care, and extricate trapped individuals. Transport injured or sick persons to medical facilities. Licensing required.

Nurse Assistant

Application Fee: $45.00

Administrative Fees: $617.00

Tuition: $1,920.00

Total Program Cost: $2,582.00

On-Time Graduation Rate: 100%

ACICS Placement Rate: 63.9

Median Title IV Loan Debt: $3,500.00

Median Institutional Loan Debt: 0

Median Private Loan Debt: 0

Jobs Prepared for: Nurse Assistant  (NA 51-1614)